The Skylight ONE Visa Debit Card Pay Bills Easily

Debit Card Merchant: Skylight Financial
Debit Card Issuing Bank: Elan Financial Services or SunTrust Bank

The Skylight ONE Visa Debit Card Instructions
It’s your all-in-one card. Instead of getting paid with a check, simply sign up for direct deposit and get instant access to your money with the ONE card. Pay bills, take out cash, buy groceries, or shop online. Benefit checks, tax refunds, or MomeyGram ExpressPayments can be deposited into your account. Your money is always safe and always available. If you are looking for a new debit card, The Skylight ONE Visa debit card is something for consideration.

The Skylight account and One Card is available without a credit check to anyone who holds a permanent address in the US, is eligible for direct deposit, and can successfully complete identity verification.

What kind of information do I need to provide for Skylight ONE Card online account management?
You will need to enter your account information like card number, year of birth, zip code for verification. Then you can setup up your account with username and password, you can also choose 5 security questions and answers to improve your account security.

Is the Skylight card a credit card?
The Visa-branded card you receive from Skylight is NOT a credit card. It is a debit card used to access funds in your Skylight account at millt Visa debit cards and at most ATMs worldwide.The Skylight ONE Visa Debit Card

Where and how can I use my Skylight card?
There are many ways and places to use your card. You can use it to: Make purchases, withdraw funds from an ATM and pay bills.

Pay Your Bills With Your Skylight ONE Visa Debit Card
With the ONE Card, paying your bills is easy. You can pay all of your bills quickly and easily using whatever method makes the most sense for you online and over the phone. Make sure to have your card in hand to complete the process.

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