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My Card Statement Offer: Access, manage, and pay your credit card accounts online
My Card Statement Owner: PassMark Software

My Card Statement Introductions
My card statement  provides account online access for cardholders; allows you to manage and pay their credit card accounts online. With, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Current account summary and statements.
  2. Pay bill online and set alerts as you like.
  3. Receive an email message to notify you of an event you have specified.
  4. Track card expenses by creating, viewing, and printing reports from the Reports page.
  5. Find specific expenses with the Find Transaction page.

Any questions to access your website, you can call 866-572-1637 to get the website customer support. Cardholders of Farmers State Bank, please call 319-832-1201 to get FSB bank support. You may find the logo of my card statement on the website of the bank whose credit card you’re holding, just click it and access your online statements.

About PassMark
PassMark Software is a privately owned software development group with a head office in Sydney, Australia and a branch office in California, United States. They are skilled at developing high quality performance benchmarking solutions as well as providing expert independent IT consultancy services to clients ranging from government organizations to major IT heavyweights.

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