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Capital One Retail Services Online Customer Care Introductions
Have you used Capital One Financial credit credit? Online Customer Care conveniently offers free and secure online access to many important aspects of your account. Online Customer Care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

  1. Account Information
  2. Payment Center
  3. Statement Center
  4. Account Maintenance

Retail Services Online Customer Care Enrollment and Sign In Guide
It is easy to enroll Capital One retail service online customer care. Refer to the following steps to finish your account registration process:

  1. Please enter your account number and zip code to access the Online Customer Care site.
  2. If you are new user, you can complete the enrollment form with the primary cardholders information. All fields are required.
  3. You will need to provide the primary cardholders name, date of birth, Social Security number, email address and the account number. Once the form is successfully submitted, your account will be immediately accessible.
  4. You can cancel your enrollment in Online Customer Care at any time.
  5. After signing in to Online Customer Care, go to the Account Maintenance menu and click on Cancel Enrollment. You may re-establish your access by re-enrolling at any time.

What should I do, if I forgot my password?

In such a condition, you need to create a new password. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Forgot Password link from the Sign In page.
  2. For the security reasons, you will be asked to provide your account number, Social Security number, and current user name.
  3. You can then select a new password.
  4. If you also forgot your username, you will need to re-enroll.

What can I do if my payment was not posted?

You should first make sure which way you sent your payment by, and them follow the steps listed below:

  • Send payment through online service. You should go to the Payment Activity page to check the status of your payment. If you still can not solve the problem and need more help, you can call the Web Representative at 1-800-298-4240
  • Send payment by mail. You can sent a legible copy of the front and back of the cancelled check or money order receipt to the address on your billing statement. In the letter, you have to provide your name, account number, dollar amount of the suspected error, and description of the error.

Any problems or difficulty to finish the process, leave your comments, Walletpie credit card experts will help you on that.

About Capital One

Capital One Financial Corp. is a U.S.-based bank holding company specializing in credit cards, home loans, auto loans, banking and savings products.Capital One Retail Services Online Customer Care

Reference Links

  • On this page you can find answers to the most commonly asked account questions.
  • If you have additional questions about your account, please contact Capital One.
  • Capital One Retail Services online account activation link
  • Capital One Retail Services online registered account login link
  • Visit the homepage of Capital One.
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