USBank DCS ReliaCard Account Management

Debit Card Issuing Bank: U.S. Bank
Update: Effective July 18, 2012 when purchasing gasoline at a gas station, you will no longer be able to pay with your card using the pay-at-the-pump option. You can still purchase gas at stations that allow you to pay inside with a cashier.

USBank DCS ReliaCard Account Management Instructions
Using your ReliaCard is easy. You can use your ReliaCard over the phone, at websites or for everyday purchases in such places as: grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, video stores, retail stores, medical and dental offices, airlines, hotels and motels. Refer to the following guide to access your DCS ReliaCard account online:

  1. Enter your user ID and click “continue” button
  2. You will redirect to the page to enter your password
  3. You can also enroll the online service if it is your first time visit
  4. USBank DCS ReliaCard online banking also offer mobile banking for customers to check balance, view statements and pay bills
  5. If you forget your user ID, click the link on the page to recover your account information

There are three ways to get cash with your ReliaCard:

  • use your ReliaCard to get cash at virtually any ATM in the US and around the world;
  • receive cash withdrawals at participating banks or credit unions;
  • use the cash-back option at thousands of retailers nationwide, like major discount retailers, grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores, at no additional charge.

Account access and service: You can get online account information anytime online. You can also view your balance, check your account activity and change your PIN.In addition, you are welcome to call ReliaCard Services, day or night, at 866-363-4136 to obtain balance information, report a card lost or stolen and request other assistance.

U.S. Bank ReliaCard Visa Program Information
It’ s your own money – not a credit card. ReliaCard Visa gives you the power and convenience of Visa, but since it’s a prepaid card, you are using your own money – not credit. Your spending is automatically deducted from your payments on the card. It’s very convenient.

  1. Your payments are ready to use as soon as they are deposited onto the card.
  2. No more trips to the bank and check-cashing fees.
  3. Make purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted such as grocery stores, discount stores and medical facilities.
  4. Shop in stores, online, by mail and pay bills with your card.
  5. Get cash at over 1.2 million Visa/Plus ATMs worldwide. Teller cash withdrawals can also be made at any financial institution that accepts Visa.
  6. Get cash back with purchases at many merchants like supermarkets and retail stores.

It’s safer than cash. There’s no need to carry excess cash and, unlike cash, your ReliaCard Visa can be replaced. It’s confidential. Card account information is strictly confidential. Payments are deposited onto the card, but only you have access to information about how your money is used.

About U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank, the fifth largest bank in the United States based on $355.4 billion in assets and fourth largest in the US in total branches. U.S. Bank ranks as the fifth largest bank in the U.S. based on deposits, with $245B in deposits as of March 31, 2013.

Reference Links

  • Click here to read the Usage Guide.
  • Read the Program Information for more detailed information.
  • If you have any questions after reviewing the information on this page, please refer to the FAQs.
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