Capital One Credit Card Activation

If you received an offer letter from Capital One regarding of your most recent Capital One Credit Card application, refer to the following instructions and FAQs to help you finish the activation process. If you can not successfully get it done, leave your comments and you will get the update and feedback soon.

How to Activate Capital One Credit Card?

  1. Receive an offer letter together with Reservation Number and Access Code .
  2. Enter your Reservation Number and Access to start your secure application.
  3. Get a response from Capital One.
  4. Review the application for accuracy and submit.

How can I access my application? 

  • You can access your application by entering your Reservation Number and Access Code in login page.

What should I know about completing the online credit application?

  1. Complete the application
  2. Review the application for accuracy and then submit.
  3. If you need to make a change before hitting the Submit button, click the Make changes link.
  4. If you are having any trouble with the application, please call the phone number shown on your offer letter to apply and receive a quick decision.

What do I need to apply?

  • Personal information, including: Full Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Physical Address and Total Annual Income. If you are planning on transferring balances, you’ll need the payee information such as name, account number, and payment address.

What Credit Card should I apply to rebuild my credit?
If you have bad credit, Capital One Secured MasterCard may be one of your limited choices. You can open an account with a minimum security deposit of $49, $99, or $200, based on your credit history. The security deposit can be made online or over the phone. You can get a $200 – $3,000 credit line which depends on your security deposit, the more you deposit above the minimum security deposit, the larger credit line you get.

What Credit Card should I apply if I travel a lot?
If you travel a lot, it is recommended that you apply for a Capital One Venture Credit Card. You can earn two miles on every purchase, and redeem your miles for an travel expense such as airline ticket, car rental, etc. One of its key features is that it has no foreign transaction fees.

How can I know if the application environment is secure?
When you apply for a credit card online, your information sent over the Internet from your computer to ours using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL encrypts your personal information before it leaves your computer, ensuring that no one else can read it. Once you have signed in, you can check that your session is secure in two ways:

  1. Look for the small padlock icon usually located in the lower right corner of your Web browser window. A closed, or locked, padlock indicates a secure connection.
  2. Look for the letters “https://” at the beginning of the Web site address or URL in your Web browser. The “s” means secure.

About Capital One Credit Cards
Capital one has different kinds of credit cards that designed for different groups. Capital One Cash Credit Card could help you load up on cash back with a 50% bonus every year. Capital One Classic Platinum could give the credit you need with a 0% intro APR.

Reference Links

  1. Capital One Official Site –
  2. Capital One Credit Cards –
  3. Capital One Credit Cards FAQs –
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